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Mausami Gurung

FROM ISSUE # 138 (June 2007)
Birthday on 4 March. Is the eldest child in the family, has a younger sister and a brother. Father an ex-army officer; now works as the Chief Marketing officer in Everest Cement Factory. Brother is restaurant manager at Soaltee Crown Plaza while sister is a teacher at Galaxy Public School. Mother is a housewife.

Started singing since childhood. First stage performance in India while doing her plus two at a Nepal Army cultural program.
Used to teach at Kid's Heart School, Boudha as kindergarten teacher. Is now a full time musician.  Her first recorded song was Dasain Ramailo with D.B. Gurung. Practices music at least an hour each day and plays the harmonium. Idolizes Asha Bhosle for her amazing voice.

Loves soft rock and pop. Favorite musicians include Eagles, Bryan Adams and Backstreet Boys on the international scene and Rima Gurung, Uday Sotang, Karna Das and Deep Shrestha on the national arena.

Doesn't watch television that often. Likes watching Nepali TV serials on Kantipur TV. Enjoys Soap Operas like Naari and Chahana maan ko. Also likes music video request programs.

Shed her shy nature from class 9 now calls herself more active. Used to fight with friends a lot in school once nearly ripped a tuft of hair of her sardar friend when he was irritating her. Does not know any martial arts.

Can speak English, Bengali, Punjabi, and Hindi very fluently. Also wants to learn Japanese and photography.

Can drive a scooter but does not have a driver's license yet. Was once caught by the traffic police when driving a scooty without one. Thinks Nepali drivers must follow the traffic rules rather than blame the Police.

Is a very homely person. Likes spending time at home and would like to go to Hong Kong for vacations.

Loves shopping but is not brand conscious. Likes wearing T-shirts and jeans. Usually buys clothing from UFO or Footloose while in Nepal and Giordano while abroad.

Is good friends with singers Kranti Ale, Nirnaya NSK, Prasana Shakya and Preeti Kaur.

Likes cooking. Does not eat any meat apart from chicken, mutton and fish.

Regularly checks email. Gets large amount of marriage proposals both by post and email but isn't planning to get married yet.


Aaj Timi Views:327

Chorera Lagyo Views:165

Chyangba Hoi Chyangba Views:790

Parelimai Chau Ki Kaso Views:173


Rohit Gurung 3/23/2015 1:07:17 PM

All the best.... (Y). I like your all the songs and want more :)

Rohit Gurung 3/23/2015 1:07:15 PM

All the best.... (Y). I like your all the songs and want more :)

Anonymous 1/27/2015 3:03:24 AM

niCe Song Di or nice piCTure

Anonymous 1/12/2010 3:14:23 PM

i likes your all songs yar sister