Karna Das

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  • Anautho Bethaa Views: 4184
  • Berthai Pheri Views: 3112
  • Phool Jhareko Views: 3025
  • Antim Aash Views: 2988
  • Kasto Lagcha Hola Views: 2366

Karna Das is an outstanding singer of the Nepali Aadhunik genre.He not only sings extremely well, but also with ease and naturalness that others cannot quite match and is really an owner of the velvet voice among the singers of this genre in Nepal.Karna Das maintains the high standards in his albums with the delightful arrangements and instrumentation .His words generally speak sadness and its the sadness that is the major identity of Karna Das' songs. But its not so fare also to say that his songs only reflect sorrow , however its better to say they reflect sentiments. His songs really revive the soul and tune the heart to sentiments


Adha Sapana Views:2314

Aja Bholee Views:1168

Anautho Bethaa Views:4184

Antim Aash Views:2988

Banda Kati Banda Views:870

Berthai Pheri Views:3112

Bhetiyera Chootinoo Bhanda Views:1971

Bistarai Chhayo Views:1679

Dhumga Phorna Views:1701

Eklo Rat Views:1643

Hamro Prem Ko Katha Views:1068

Jaba Hohi Views:1323

Janmida Ekalai Views:1192

Jeevan Eeuta Views:731

Jibandekhi Views:1923

Jindagiko Ke Bharaosa Views:1260

Kasto Lagcha Hola Views:2366

Kati Bibas Chha Views:723

Ke Cha Ke Cha Views:545

Kehi Paal Views:603

Khan Jandaichhau Views:912

Lahurelai Views:575

Man Manai Views:1272

Nachideu Maya Views:584

Pahilo Maya Views:475

Papee Raichha Views:2226

Phool Jhareko Views:3025

Purano Dhunga Views:1357

Sahanchhan Sabaile Views:398

Sochada Sochdai Views:874

Sunko Sirbandi Views:443

Thula Thula Mahal Views:995

Timro Mero Sambandha Views:1419


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Rudra 7/22/2016 7:24:46 AM

Mr. Das go on success for every moments of your songs and sing..i wish you all the best..good luck..

photax 7/22/2016 7:16:37 AM

Hamro premko katha aajadekhi banda gardaichu..really nice song..mr, Das is really a talented singer..

nina 1/17/2015 2:15:43 PM

Hi! U r best singer in dis world i really like u r songs it's heard tuching love u....

paldhoj tamang 9/11/2014 8:59:42 PM

hay u r my one of the bst