Sabin Rai

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  • Herna Aau Views: 1961
  • Aafno Katha Views: 1545
  • Guransh Ko Fedmuni Views: 1085
  • Aaie Deau Views: 939
  • Ekai Askash Muni Views: 883

Sabin Rai was born on February 5, 1974, in Dharan, eastern part of Nepal and has huge fan based in Nepal, India and the Nepalese diaspora abroad. He has been dubbed the Bryan Adams of Nepal due to his similar husky voice with the Canadian singer/songwriter. The song which catapulated him into overnight sensation is "Komal Tyo Timro".


Aafno Katha Views:1545

Aaie Deau Views:939

Ekai Askash Muni Views:883

Guransh Ko Fed (Remix) Views:777

Guransh Ko Fedmuni Views:1085

Herna Aau Views:1961

Ishara Views:730

Kalo Kalo Raat Views:852

Karizma Maya Views:594

Kinaki Ma Maya Garchoo Views:601

Komal Tyo (Remix) Views:612

Komal Tyo Timro Views:810

Kripaya Views:470

Ma Sansar Jitne Views:724

Maya Jaalima Views:551

Mero Bani Views:534

Namuna Views:641

Panna Views:415

Samarpan Views:476

Samjhana Harulai Views:604

Timro Namm Timi Bina Views:475

Timro Saath Views:480

Yo Nepal Views:399


Anonymous 5/5/2010 5:37:01 AM

where r u? Sabinji nowadays