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Karma is

Surendra Man Singh: Vocal
Prashant: Percussion
Bass Guitar
Anil: Drum

Their band doesn't have a normal name, but the three guys of Karma are normal guys. They have normal lives, they do normal things, and they have the same sense of humor as their fans. Their songs have that intangible ability to speak for and to the things that normal kids think and feel.

“Karma” formed in the mid-1996 in the Kritipur, Kathmandu, serveral months do hard practice, we launched our first album “Sahar Timro” but unfortunately our first album flopped in market. We invested lots of money on it, so we were very disappointed and also our family pressurized us to come out of music field. So, with my frustration I went Birgunj. On addition one day my dad broke my guitar, and I still remember that time when I had to leave home.