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Artist: Nhyoo Bajracharya

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Songs from: Nhyoo Bajracharya
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Song Singer Music By Lyrics By Genre Album/
Band Lyrics/
Je Garchu Maile Played:385
Chokho Cha Hai Played:960
Aansu Deu Ya Haso Played:897
Timi Yaad Played:171
Bhagwan Timro Played:872
Upahar Tho Matinaya Played:385
Taadha Raheko Played:149
Yo Dharti Hami Mancheko Played:576
Mero Pyaro Manche Played:549
Bihani Pakha Surya Played:7018
Janna Bhaneko Played:454
Kina Khojnu Yeha Played:423
Aina Bhanera Herchhu Played:155
Om Mani Padme Hu Played:443
Om Tare Tuttare Played:391
Kasto Mohani Played:173
Eutai Cha Aakash Played:1152
Na Awoo Played:707
Jaya Hos Timro Played:661
Ma Pare Peerma Played:469
Salala Bagdai Jaun Played:322
Samaya Nadima Played:314
Jati Badhna Played:414
Bhagwan Timro Played:625
Hiunka Chuchura Played:483
Bhawgan Timrai Played:632
Jana Deu Jane Lai Played:179
Daiba Tero Played:786
Magdina Prabhu Ma Played:407
Kina timile mutu mero Played:477
Sherpa Played:149
NRN Song Played:449
Bhagwan Kahan Played:926
Kolte Feri Played:282
Arabau Manche Haruma Played:685
Saanjh Cha Ekanta Cha Played:672
Nirmal Mero Man Played:412
Phulko Aakhama Played:815
Kya Bore Bhayo Played:564
Tadha Tadha Gham Dubchha Played:534
Saya Thari Baaja Played:3175
Barsau Dekhii Played:410
Ghari Ghari Played:566
Herna Aau Played:1824
Dekhdai Chhu Ma Played:242
Magdina Prabhu Ma Played:315
Samjhana Jaba Auchha Played:145
Batas Chalyo Played:1208
Hayaka Simha Played:430
Je Bhana Timi Malai Played:771
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Artist Biography:

Anonymous06:12:02 PM Saturday, 01 August 2009
Nhyoo has been an instrumental figure in the recent developments of nepali music industry. He is responsible for bringing new pop/adhunik flavors in the music

pratika09:44:01 PM Thursday, 18 March 2010
hi sir i m a great fan of urs.u have a great voice with great personality.
ma pare peerma n man lai manai le is the most fav song of mine.luv 2 listen more songs like these.all my good wishes are with you sir.hav a good life ahead.

sudip01:09:45 AM Thursday, 24 June 2010
I didnt found da song maan dukhyo re unko,,, pls put that one too.

prakash maharjan03:50:56 AM Thursday, 05 December 2013
consistency in good music, which is very rare to find, and often inspiring songs from Nhyoo Bajracharya, . . . . but I couldn't find the song 'yo man ta talau ho' composed by Nhyoo bajracharya and sang by Aruna Lama, please post this classic song too :)

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