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Artist: Reema Gurung

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Artist Biography:

No doubt, Reema gurung is a versatile singer. She is alsays adored by music lovers, esp. by modern melody song lovers. She is born to a musician father, Prakash Gurung. Her mother is also a singer. Reema Gurung started singing since her childhood. She has got several trainings on classical music and still continuing. Reema Gurung's first recorded song is -तिमीले नै रोज्यौ, तिमीले नै छोड्यौ- lyrics and music by Deepak Thapa. After this song was recorded, then only, she appared to the voice test on Radio Nepal.

Reema Gurung's first hit was डाली डालीमा from the film आन्दोलन. The first hit film that she sang for was देश परदेश, and of course the song-लगिदे लगिदे खबर यो मेरो. She has hit numbers like नजरको दोषी बनी, कसको आँखा लाग्यो बरै, लाहुरे दाईले etc. on her name.

Born on 24 Aug 1976, Reema Gurung is married to Nirmal Hoda, owner of Santana Records, who is also a good drummer. They have a 5 years old son. Reema Gurung has one younger brother and one younger sister.

Reema gurung is fond of foods and cooking. She is good at, as she says, cooking non-veg items. She listens to music, of course, and most of those are English numbers. She likes the songs by, especially, Celion Dion and Mariah Carey.

She has sung many songs falling on the category- modern melody songs, folk, folk dohori and songs for movies(most of her songs are from movies).

Recently she has got a chance to sing with Karma Yonjan's music, and she feels very happy for this. One thing special with this album is, this is the first album from Karma Yonjan and which is being released from Santana Records.

She has a wish to sing western type of songs and says - western type को गीत गाउने धोको छ.

Reema gurung has got many awards for her singing some of those are Hits FM Music Awards

sarif acharya08:23:39 AM Tuesday, 06 October 2009
i like farkera lina aayenau the most

Anonymous08:25:31 PM Thursday, 25 February 2010
tyo ruby rana le modeling gareko geet samjhinai sakina plz help me ...

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