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Artist: Udaya Sotang

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Songs from: Udaya Sotang
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Song Singer Music By Lyrics By Genre Album/
Band Lyrics/
Aadhi Bato Played:1709
Adhuro Yo Hamro Katha Played:976
Bhijyo Sirani Played:961
Chhin Chhin Ma Played:798
Choyo Mero Played:753
Chudi Sakyo Mala Sabai Played:678
Dherai Bhayo Dekheko Played:647
Dhunga Jasto Played:545
Dukchha Chhati Played:656
Ekai Rathka Played:601
Eutai Cha Aakash Played:899
Gaughar Sabai Played:517
Hajar Juni Samma Played:656
Hamro Bajele Played:486
Hijo Aaaja Played:553
Kahan Pokhencha aansu Played:670
Kaile Hola Played:364
Kasto bhagya Played:451
Kati Ho Kati Played:529
Man Ko Badha Lai Played:576
Mana Laage Played:500
Maryo Ni Maryo Ni Played:346
Mathi Mathi Lekaima Played:380
Meri Aama Played:420
Mero Hal Played:397
Nun Magyou Played:283
Panisari Played:239
Prithvi Ko Sir Mathi Played:201
Suna Suna Played:220
Swarga Ki Pari Played:252
Tara Le Played:200
Tarena ni Natarine Played:220
Tarera Ni Natarine Played:216
Timi Bato Played:438
Timi Bina Played:360
Ukali Chadhaula Played:398
Wari khola Played:417
Yesari Kasori Played:156
Yo Dharti Hami Mancheko Played:444
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Usa basi12:46:40 PM Sunday, 10 November 2013
Uday ji tapailay gaunu vayeko mero pani khoie hunthyo najik hos ki tada vannay geet ekdam ramro lagcha you tube ma rakhnu vayo vaney sunnay mauka pauthye please list garidinu hola yo geet dhanyabad yo geet lay mero pyaro desh samjaucha eklo huda .

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