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Artist: Yogeshwor Amatya

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Songs from: Yogeshwor Amatya
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Aaaj Samma Played:743
Hairan Played:471
Herna Aau Played:1824
Jab Sandhya Hunchha Played:650
Jataheryo Utaidekhchhu Played:362
Jhyal Bata Herera Played:781
Kya Bore Bhayo Played:564
Kya Garum Played:470
Laija Chari Played:635
Logne Manchhe Bhayera Played:489
Ma Mare Pani Mero Played:568
Malai Ramro Lagchha Played:659
Musu Musu Played:515
Nabole Ta Nabole Played:272
No Women No Cry Played:442
Pani Muni Played:340
Shanti Lukau Kahan Played:2472
Sindhuli Gadhi Played:408
Wakka Dikka Played:276
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Artist Biography:

Yogeshwor Amatya


FROM ISSUE # 142 (October 2007) 
Full name: Yogeshwor Prasad Amatya. But hasn't used his middle name since his Dad dropped it. His Dad, Bhuwaneshor Amatya was the first President of Nepal Chalchitra Sangha. His mother, Lamu Amatya, was the first trained nurse in Nepal.

Was bullied by seniors while studying at St. Xavier's for his cleft lip. Once it got so out of hand that some of the seniors stole a guitar he had borrowed from his cousin. After that incident he left the school and joined North Point, Darjeeling. He still wants to know what happened to that guitar, because he had a difficult time explaining its mysterious disappearance to his cousin.

Is fascinated by gems, especially drawn by diamonds and emeralds. If he'd not been a musician, he would have been a jeweler. Has a Diploma in Gemology from Gemological Institute of India, Bombay. Also has diploma in Diamond Grading Course. Would actually prefer a quiet life as a jeweler if given a choice between being a musician and a jeweler.

Is a passionate sportsman and an all rounder with expertise in various sports. Has played football for Army (Shreenath Gana) and NRT. His position: Center Forward and has scored numerous hat-tricks for NRT. Recently, was awarded 'Man of the Match' in WAVE Kick Off Cup 2006 and was one of the few who played the whole 90 minutes. Is also an expert in Taekwondo. Has a Dan degree Black Belt in the sport and is considered an expert in theoretical aspects of the sports. Has also won numerous medals from the sport when he was in US.  

Gave his first performance on Mayur Chalchitra Mandir, Banepa. Was totally drunk at that time. After the good response and encouragement from senior artists and friends he started to sing, just for the fun of it.

Released his first album, after lots of encouragement and pestering from Brajesh Khanal and Prabhat Rimal. He dedicated the album to them and named it, in their honor, Karai Kara le.

Is fond of game hunting. He is a pacifist but enjoys the thrill of the game and is usually there with a guitar.

Loves interior designing. Also took course on Interior Designing for 2 semesters from School of Interior Designing, US and later opted for a BBA degree.
Is best buddies with Babin Pradhan, Jems Pradhan, Nhyoo Bajracharya, Khem Raj Gurung and Deepesh Bhattarai. Their favorite hanging place is Side Spin and Bubbles, where they like to play snooker and have a fun time.
Fan mail: yogeshwaramatya@yahoo.com   

santa gurung09:11:43 PM Tuesday, 17 February 2015
I like your singing style sir
.tapaily youtube ma side vocal dinu vako ,'tara maruk bazarki kanchi,'vanny git full song googlema khojy vyttaina so ma k garu? Ma yo git full sunna chahanxu .sso help me sir

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