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Artist: Deepa Jha

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Songs from: Deepa Jha
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Aja Kasto Taranga Behuli Played:523
Ankha Ma Umanga Played:1760
Banmara Le Baniae Khayo Played:1359
Barsha Timi Jham Jham Played:913
Chahanchhu Ma Timilai Nai Played:803
Chanchale Parya Maya Basecha Played:735
Chiya Barima Played:1023
Dhadkinchau Mutu Ma Hola Played:721
Dui Wati Tin Wati Played:191
Gahiro Gahiro Played:1859
Ghamailo Ramilo Koshi Tirai Maa Played:596
Hera Batasa Le Played:1018
Himal Lai Played:1292
Ishara Le Played:672
Isharale Bolaunu Pardaina Played:1499
Jati Nirmal Jati Chokho Played:2181
Jharana Jhai Played:650
Joon Jasto Muhar Played:676
Kalo Chasma Played:677
Malai Pani Aangrejima Played:549
Maya Ko Barima Played:2006
Mero Manaiko Phul Tipi Played:686
Muglin Paari Tarera Played:756
Naulo Naulo Arunima Played:153
Pachi Nalaga Mero Bf Cha Played:626
Phul Ko Lali Played:607
Pirati Aafai Played:1495
Pirati Misaudai Played:630
Pura Bhayo Sapana Mero Played:691
Sal Sal Bagne Marsangdi Le Played:659
Sarankotaima Mohani Rahecha Timro Oothai Ma Played:626
Suna Bhanana Played:2255
Syau Jhain Gala Played:487
Taxi Driver Played:761
Tirkha Lage Nirmaya Played:683
Tyo Dada Pari Played:1870
Udun Udun Jasto Lagcha Played:836
Ukalima Played:1410
Yo Pahad Yo Chiteez Played:1621
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