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Artist: Ram Man Trishit

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Songs from: Ram Man Trishit
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Song Singer Music By Lyrics By Genre Album/
Band Lyrics/
Alikati Timi Abhiman Choda Played:338
Dekhda chhu Ma Played:658
Dherai Nagijyau Played:258
Ishara Ta Garnu Bhayo Played:666
Jahile Ma Bhetchu Played:259
Kasari Diu Ma Mero Played:688
Kasto Ajeeb Milan Yo Played:171
Kina Dhatnu Pheri Played:305
Kina Ma Aeklaiko Played:279
Maile Punya Man paray Played:1759
Manche ko maya yaha Played:1730
Mero Mutu Jalaune Played:477
Timi Ayewu Kagajko Phool Played:514
Timile Sodheu Played:438
Timro Pani Maya Played:180
Yek Phool Jharera Ke Played:577
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Artist Biography:

Ram Man Shrestha "Trishit" is a highly reputed lyricist of Nepali songs. He is a medical doctor by profession. He wrote many lyrics, most of which were tuned into music by Shiva Shankar and sung by Tara Devi (singer). The friendship between Ram Man and Shiva Shankar lasted until the death of Shiva Shankar. These two grand maetros of modern Nepalese music worked together and inspired each other that resulted several masterpieces. Nati kaji and Gopal Yonjan also composed music for some of his songs.

Memorable Songs
Dilma hajur ayera- Tara Devi (singer)
Bhan yaha hajarawuma- Nirmala Shrestha
Yek phool jharera ke bho -Tara Devi
Mancheko maya yaha- Narayan Gopal/Gyanu Rana
Nachineko jastai timile- Dhruba KC
Yewuta tara jharda pani- CP Lohani
Timi ayewu kagajko phula- Prem Dhoj
Ishara ta garnu bhayo- Tara Devi
Maile punya manparaye- Narayan Gopal
Kasari dewu ma mero parichaya- Udit Narayan

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