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Artist: Asha Bhosle

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Songs from: Asha Bhosle
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Band Lyrics/
Balla Balla Played:684
Batasale Udai Lyayo Played:1878
Diyo Baali Played:1303
Gairi Khet Ko Played:1086
Jhajhalko Liyera Ayecha Sawan Played:1593
Jhuotho Aash Pheri Lagyo Played:1229
K K Bho Kina Bho Played:342
Ke Soche Maile Played:1208
Ko Hola Mero Mayalu Played:1273
Kopila Ma Played:450
Laijau Laijau Played:439
Lukeko Manma Timro Played:1329
Ma Pyar Bechidinchu Played:527
Maya Ta Maya Ho Played:2326
Mir Mire Sanjha Ma Simsime Paani Played:3383
Mohani Laagla Hai Played:3028
Pahada ko Mathi Mathi Played:2274
Sawane Jharima Tyo Gaun Played:1148
Timi Mero Ma Timro Played:948
Yeti Dherai Maya Played:632
Yo Mousam Le Played:434
Yo Phool Jasto Played:267
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Umesh03:03:40 PM Sunday, 04 April 2010
I always put you as my best singer. I grace Lata Mangesker as Saraswati and you as the best prodigy of Lata Mangesker.

santi07:43:26 PM Sunday, 09 May 2010
i want your best nepali films songs in the you tube

Anonymous02:33:15 AM Saturday, 31 May 2014

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