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Artist: Susma Shrestha

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Dharti Bhari Played:216
Holi Le Mero Rangaayo Played:758
Najauna Malai Chodi Played:383
Neelo Neelo Played:222
Piratiko Played:451
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Artist Biography:
Sushma has been singing for films for the last 18 years, and has started doing jingles only four to five years ago. "I think I was not in the right place at the right time, as far as film music was concerned, says "Sushma' a trifle wistfully. "I used to feel bad about the lack of offers from music directors, but I think I have gotover it now. I don't believe in pushing my career too much. After all, all the film music directors knew that I was around, so what was the point in' re-introducing myself to them all over again?
I started singing for jingles through Nathan. He knew me and offered me a jingle. I accepted and I have not looked bark since then. I don't think there is anything demeaning singing for jingles. After all, even established .singers like Anuradha Paudwal and Suresh Wadkar do. It occasionally:' she continues." The success of jingle depends on its script, and the tune, We are like salesgirls making a pinch, that is all. Some-of my jingles are for Rexona, Hamam, and marvel, ponds and Godrej 'products." She sings the language jingles mainly in Marathi and English. "There is a different intonation you have, to use for every language and inflections that will make the message sound authentic explains Sushma. She charges between with her work, and has no immediate plans, for branching out into some other area. Last year, she cut a disc for Music India, called 'Dastak', and It is an experience she would Ike to forget "They did not give me any publicity or do any promotion, and, consequently, it did not fare well," says Sushma. The fact that concentrating on jingles, can be no claim 6to fame does not bother her, and she plans to be around for long time.

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