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Aafnale Nai Ghat Garda Played:312
Are Kya Naam Played:566
Asarai Mahinama Played:706
Bir Gorkhali Played:214
Hijo Samma Played:206
Hiu Bhanda Chiso Played:361
Man Saili Played:461
Nepali Ho Played:243
Raato Rani Played:507
Shubhakamana Played:178
You Need Me Played:171
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Artist Biography:

Prashant Tamang (Nepali: प्रशान्त तामाङ) is a Darjeeling-based Indian singer and winner of Indian Idol season 3. He is the first Gorkha contestant to make it to the final rounds of Indian Idol and win it. He is also the first person from the Indian police force to enter the final rounds. After the death of his father, Prashant, who was still in school, had to leave school and join Kolkata Police to support his family. He was a favorite to win the competition due to strong backing from the people of Nepalese origin and the Indian police force. Even as the results were yet to be announced on television, several news sources had reported Prashant's winning the competition.

Early years
Prashant Tamang was born in Tungsung, Darjeeling, to Rupa Tamang and the late Madan Tamang. He spent most of his early life there and studied at St. Robert's School. After the demise of his father, Madan Tamang, in an accident, he joined the Kolkata Police Force as a watchman Habildaar , succeeding his father. In Kolkata Police, he sang for the police orchestra. His family includes his grandmother, mother and his sister, Archana.

Indian Idol
According to the program commentary, Prashant tried out for Indian Idol because his friends and his seniors especially Mr. Zulfiqar Hasan, Special Additional Commissioner of Police(who incidentally also got Prashant's leave sanctioned for the competition) told him that his voice was very good.He auditioned in Kolkata and was subsequently chosen into the final rounds.  He received mixed comments from judges after his performances. He is the only contestant to have never been in the bottom 3 or 4 of the galas. He made it to the top 2 of Indian Idol 3 along with Amit Paul, Mr. Tamang got about ten times more votes than him (seventy million votes).

Prashant Tamang has become a celebrity in West Bengal, Sikkim and Nepal. Prayers for his success are expressed even in website of Tamang Society.

The mayor of Mirik, T.B. Rai, voted to spend Rs.10,000 in SMS for voting Prashant and his staff have also vowed to spend a month's salary on SMS for voting Prashant. Police staff of India also vowed to spend a month's salary on SMS for voting Prashant. Nepalese working in Brunei, UK, Hong Kong, UAE are reported to have been sent money to SMS for him. Furthermore, about 600 people were hired to send SMS's all night to secure his spot in the next round. Rallies were organized in Darjeeling and Kharsang in his support, some of which were attended by his sister, mother and grandmother. Pokhara, Nepal located Radio Annapurna 93.4 MHz campaigned for collecting donation and the collected sum of NRs.70000 was sent to Darjeeling through its representative to vote for Prashant. A signature campaign for his support was organized by Himalaya Darpan Newspaper of Darjeeling. Schools, clubs and police of West Bengal are found asking people to support Prashant who have named him 'पहाडको गौरभ Pahad ko Gaurav ' (Pride of the Hills). Sikkim Cabinet Minister G M Gurung and S B Subedi planted tree saplings at Singtam to pledge the Sikkimese support to Prashant and to show the unity between Nepalese community in Sikkim and Darjeeling." Lage Raho Prashant Bhai"

Support from Kolkata Police
Prashant a sepoy in the Kolkata Police was supported by the officials in Kolkata Police. Mr. Zulfiqar Hasan , visibly ecstatic with Prahsant's triumph, in his interview after the announcement of the result told the news agency that he was confident that Prashant would win and he and his team supported Prashant at every stage of the competition and in every possible way. According to reports, a couple of policemen even stayed awake through the nights to vote for Prashant. Mr.Hasan said, “Given the hard worker he is, Prashant deserved this title. He has no formal training in music, but he has been chosen the new Indian Idol. This proves how dedicated he is towards whatever he does.” Hasan further added, “We are really proud of the boy. He faced a lot of difficulties in life, but he never let the adversities deter him. Even after winning the contest, he has his head firmly placed on his shoulders.” All the officials of Kolkata Police congratulated Prashant after his victory, and they are now awaiting his arrival in Kolkata to give him a grand reception. “Our boys are ecstatic at Prashant's victory. There has been an atmosphere of great jubilation since the moment Prashant was chosen, and now we are looking forward to his homecoming”, said Hasan.After his successful stint at Indian idol he gave numerous concerts all over the world mostly in Neplese community.


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