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Artist: Anand Karki

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Aafno Le Man Paraye Played:287
Har Sajha Ustai Cha Ghau Played:199
Hasnai Paryo Played:174
Hijo Ko Phool Played:147
Khusi Chuma Aaja Played:251
Lagcha Malai Heri Rahun Played:214
Lagyo Bhanchan Played:138
Maya Nai Maya Played:251
Mayako Sagar Played:117
Meri Shrimati Played:134
Sabthok Bhaera Pani Played:112
Samjhi Samjhi Runu Bhanda Played:127
Timro Pani Mutu Bhaye Played:231
Tyahi Onth Ko Tarelima Played:208
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Artist Biography:

नाम: आनन्द कार्की
जन्म स्थान: शोलुखुम्बु
संगीत शिक्षा: भारत, लख्न्नौको 'भारत खांडी महा संगीत बिद्यालय' बाट गरेका हुन्। 
एल्बम सन्ख्या: हाल सम्म १२
परिवार: आफु सहित एक छोरा र श्रीमती
रेकर्ड भएका गीत संख्या: ३००० भन्दा बढी
गीतका प्रकार: आधुनिक्, गजल्, भजन्, र चलचित्र का गीतहरु
२०६६ मा Record Of The Year र Best Male Vocal Performance मा उनि मनोनयनमा परेका थिए । 
श्वभाव: नम्र,  धेरै घुम्ने, कुनै कार्यक्रम् का लागि  घरबाट टाढा हुने ।
धार्मिक रुची: इश्वर माथि बिश्वास गर्छन ।
वाल्यकाल: सार्है चकचके, रमाइलो गर्न मन पराउने ।
पहिलो पारिश्रमिक: ५० रुपैंया ।

  Anand Karki is regarded as popular singer in the entire domain of modern Nepali music. He has enchanted millions of listeners by his immortal melodies. He has been awarded with several honour among which TRISHAKTI PATTA, PRABAL GORKHA DAKSHIN BAHU , CHHINNALATA AWARD for vocal, KOLLYWOOD AWARD for best playback singer in the film BHARIYA '97&PARAI GHAR '99. HIS MAJESTY'S GADDI AAROHAN SILVER MEDAL '97, BIRENDRA AISHWORYA PADAK '02, felicitated by UNICEF AND NORWAGIAN EMBASSY IN 2005. recently honoured with PRABAL GORKHA DAKSHIN BAHU on July 2005 on birthday of HIS MAJESTY KING GYANENDRA BIR BIKRAM SHAH DEV and several other honours and decorations.   
  During his career as a singer Anand Karki has rendered his voice to over 600 compositions including modern songs, patriotic songs, ghazals, movie songs (Nepali&Hindi) and so on.   
Nepali Feature Films : More than 100 
Nepali Video Films : 8 
Hindi Feature Films : 3 
Bhojpuri Films :  5
Hindi Serials (Sangrila) :  8
Radio Nepal, Nepal T.V. and etc. :  All together more than 500 songs 
VVIP Show in August, 1998 in presence of His Royal Crown Prince Late Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev organized by Pakistani Embassy at BICC, Kathmandu. 
  A Programme in Albert Hall, London in 1998.   
  A Programme in in Qatar in 1998.   
  A Programme in Denmark in 1998.   
  A Programme in Singapore in 1998.   
  A Programme in Bangkok in 1998.   
  A Programme in Japan in 1999.   
  A Namaste Sanjh in Hongkong in 2000.   
  A Programme in in Pakistan, organized by SAARC Women's Association in 2000.  
  Programmes at Gohati (India) and Mumbai (India) in 1999.

  Programme organized by ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural for Relation) and B.P. koirala Memorial India-Nepal Foundation in 1999.   
  Programmes in Delhi, Musoori, Dehradun and Chandigarh in 1999.   
  A Programme at Namche Bazar (Mt. Everest base Camp) on May 29/ May 30, 2004 in AID of BABU's school, Solu.   
  Solo Musical Concert at Indian Embassy organized by Indian Embassy on November 8, 2004.   
  A Solo Gazal Programme on June 2005 organized by Pakistani Embassy on an Occassion of Nepal- Pakistan Friendship Day 2005.   
  Programmes in Malysia in 2007.   
  Programmes in Fuket, Bangkok in 2007. 


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