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Artist: Shambhujeet Baskota

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Songs from: Shambhujeet Baskota
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Band Lyrics/
Ankha Ma Umanga Played:1760
Baadal Banaideu Played:1544
Bhena ko bani naramro salima Played:588
Bhenako Bani Naramro Played:607
Chaita Mas Khaderile Played:537
Chandi Ko Bhitta Sun ko Chano Played:432
Chatta Rumal Kya Malum Played:530
Chitko Gunyo Played:1465
Dui Dinko Jindagi Played:1061
Duniya Lai Tadha Choda Played:1139
Gairi Khet Ko Played:1086
Hoye Hoye Goria Played:821
Malai Khutrukai Paryo Played:363
Malai Nepali Maya Played:411
Mandir Ma Chha Ki Played:1398
Maya Nai Maya Cha Played:916
Mera Asati Ka Played:1796
Meri Priye Played:271
Mero Aankhama (Female) Played:252
Mero Aankhama (Male) Played:234
Na Mero Gharai Cha Played:602
Parkhi Base Aaula Bhani Played:3162
Phul Tipi Sirma Laidimla Played:328
Purnima Ko Raat Pani Played:1090
Rato Rani Phule Played:1083
Saile Ji Played:250
Sara Sara Batasai Played:226
Syau Jhain Gala Played:329
Syau Jhain Gala Played:487
Tala Tala Besi Ma Played:340
Tiharai aayo Played:299
Timile Bhaneka Played:1879
Timro Har Prashna Ko Jabaf Played:1112
Timro Hasilo Muharle Played:1181
Timro Tyo Aankhan Ma Played:786
Timro Tyo Hasilo Muhar Played:552
Udun Udun Jasto Lagcha Played:836
Yo Gaunko Thito Ma Played:1391
Yo Motor Ko Rang Kasto Played:656
Yo Saanjh Yo Suvaas Played:1117
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Disclaimer: Nepalicollections is dedicated to give the deserved credit to its creators (lyricists, singers and musicians). Any artist information referring to a song in this website is provided to the best of our knowledge and research. Listeners are requested and encouraged to correct any mistakes via contact page.
Artist Biography:

Date of birth: B.S. 2013/12/02 (1957/03/15)
Birth place: Panipokhari, Kathmandu, nepal
Address: Maharajgunj-3, kathmandu, nepal
Qualification: B.Music. (pragya&sangeet), B.A.
Occupation: Music director, singer, writer


-Has 3 sisters
-Married and has 2 sons and 2 daughters
-Son Sauryajeet is music director of the film Kusume Rumal-2


Chief Music Director : Nepal Academy
Ex-Chairman Cum General Manager : Nepal Television
Ex-Executive Chairman : Film Development Board
Ex Bboard member : Nepal television b.s. 2057, 2060
Ex-board member : Royal nepal film corporation
Ex-member: music preservation committee-Radio nepal


-Entered as a singer and music director in 1971 in the age of 17

-Started playback singing from Hamilaai Pani Mayale hera Parvati

-Music Director of more than 251 Movies

-First Recorded Song: Kun Shahar ma chhau mayalu & Yo Kanchhi

-Working as a chief  music director at royal nepal   academy , kamaladi, kathmandu,

-Composed music in various drama organized by royal nepal academy and other organizations.

-Music compositions in more than 250 nepali feature films, more than 700 nepali modern songs, folk songs and bhajans.

-Concept designer of the following programs:
sangeet sangam, pratibha ko dabali, sreejana ko adha – ghanta, man ko rahar, ram bilash dhaniya and lucky seven sponsored by nepal television (ntv) similarly, prepared the concepts ot he serial like "tito satya", "tole tol ma" and "geet" which is telecast by nepal television (ntv).

-Received gold medal in drama, songs and sports by lata king birandra, organised by bal mandir.

-Participated as a singer in the "golden kite festival" at 1981.

-Writer and  music director of tv advertisement and radio jingles, which are more than 1100 in numbers.

-Creation of ntv news music and logo music

-Music director or hindi film " sanjeevani"

-Participated in various convention and programs in international countries such as : hongkang and many more.

-Participated as a group leder  in the program "namy-fest" at "new-delhi" 1985.

-Story writer  of almost 12 nepali feature films.

-Slogan writer of cancer relief society and title writer " amulya jeewan dhuwama naudau".

-Creator of 59 songs in the first musical film " gaunthalee" with different tunes in the history of nepali film.

-Music director of nepali historicla movies such as : "prempinda", "basanti" and "seema-rekha". Similarly background music director of newari feature film "rajmati".

-Creation of ntv metro news music and logo music.


-Bikhyat trishakti patta.
-Prabhal gorkha-dakshin bahu (1992).
-Narayan gopal sangeet puraskar.
-Toyan jaycees puraskar.
-Lux-cine awards (2003).
-Chhinnalata puraskar (1995).
-Abhiyan shree puraskar (1993).
-Busy award.
-Motion picture award (1998, 2000).
-Youth of the year puraskar.
-Rajyavishek sworna padak puraskar.
-Gai-jatra mahotsav, ne.ra.pra.pra (r.n.a.) Bisistha    puraskar
-Sanmiguel music puraskar 2000.
-Natyaswori sthambha puraskar 2000
-Kollywood cinema puraskar (1995,1996,1997,1999).
-Narayan-gopal rastriya pratibha puraskar (2000).
-Samman (2001).
-Life-time achievement motion picture (2001).
-Shree-panch birendra aishwarya sewa padak (2001).
-Nepal cinema artists association samman (2001).
-Shree-panch birendra sewa padak (2002).
-Hits f.m. Music award (2003).
-Television santhapak samman 2003 and many more compliment awards.
-Narayan –gopal award 2006 lunkaran ganga devi trust.
-Shiva shnkar music award (2006).
-Rupak smariti award (2006).

Anonymous11:42:03 AM Monday, 01 March 2010
OMG he is the "Anu Mallik" of Nepalese Music Arena. Copies but adds flavor.

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