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Artist: Sukmit Gurung

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Aaja Pani Uni Played:296
Aankhama Rakhuki Played:698
Basantai Timi Played:379
Dhoka Diyeu Timile Played:198
Dhuk Dhuk Played:302
Jaha Jaau Utai Played:136
Jati Badhna Played:333
Mitha Mitha Played:254
Naulo Dhadkan Played:148
Oh Mero Priyatam Played:376
Prabhatama Played:152
Relimai Relimai Relimai Played:328
Sapanama Ayera Played:116
Sirmaya Hyeku Played:104
Soon Chaandi Bhanda Played:623
Tyo Juneli Raat Played:259
Tyo Mero Chahana Played:119
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Artist Biography:
Sukmit Gurung - the sensational female singer with a good number of records in both POP and Folk. She won two awards at the Hits FM musical award in 2004 for her songs - Yo Maya Lai and and Pal Pal. Her songs will have you gently swaying like the way she does when she sings!
Anonymous10:57:10 PM Saturday, 14 November 2009
Sukmit Gurung has a phenomenal voice and she sings to the perfection. I like her voice. I wish there are more Sukmit Gurungs in Nepali Arena but to my dismay the singers, who perform so well these days, are numbered and most do just make a joke of a song...

I wish she sings more song for us in the days to come.

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