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Baisalu Maya Played:250
Hami Dubai Hida Jau Played:220
Kasto Mohani Played:173
Sachai Bhanana Played:192
Taadha Raheko Played:149
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Artist Biography:

A promising Nepali artist and singer, Situ Kharel  is a well-known name in the arena of modern  Nepali  music. She is contributing with sheer dedication and commitment to enrich the contemporary Nepali music while based in London, UK.
  Family / Education
  Situ got married to Suman Kharel, a broadcaster at Radio Nepal in those days, who is currently with the BBC Nepali Service in London. The couple had their daughter Smarika in 1987 followed by son Sumiran three years later.

  She completed her Bachelors from Padma Kanya Campus in Kathmandu and was studying   Econometrics in Masters level when she had to move to London in 1992. She is currently pursuing her four-year B. Mus. Degree in Indian classical  music at the Trinity College of Music in London. She has undergone training from renowned music teachers including Pundit Biswo Prakash, Mrs Chandrima Mishra and has been awarded Diploma in Indian classical music by Bharatiya Bidhya Bhavan,London.

reganrajpandey12:18:08 AM Sunday, 13 December 2009
By the way,we liked your’s song very much.Espicially,your’s ways of singing style in a cool mood.We think,yours songs are leading of nature and reality of life,love n pain.We listened yours different songs.Out of them,sabda bina(smarika album)is ours favourite song.One thing,we informed u that,we all our family liked this song.Mainly my momi.so,once again,I want to listen this songs,but I can’t found in stores.so,how can I get this video song.We tried in net also.but not found.

Yours fan

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