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Artist: Deepesh Kishor Bhattarai

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Songs from: Deepesh Kishor Bhattarai
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Band Lyrics/
Aadhuro Sapana Played:288
Aau Timi Mera Aba Jiuna Played:186
Baach Chu Timrai Laagi Played:172
Badhai Cha Played:220
Bhana Timi Nai Played:156
Bheda Ko Oon Jasto Played:440
Biteka Ti Din Played:140
Chandani Raatma Played:168
Churpi Hai Played:118
Herana Runcha Mana Played:111
Hey Mayalu Played:120
Hosh Haraye Pani Played:428
Juneli Raatko Played:220
Ke Ma Timro Saathi Played:198
Kina Malai Esto Played:133
Kopilaharule Played:97
Lau Aye Dherai Tada Played:78
Malai Maaf Gari Deu Played:295
Malai Maaf Garideu Masti Played:154
Maya Garnu Played:139
Maya Malai Played:153
Maya Malai 2 Played:94
Mayalu Lai Played:113
Musuka Hasera Played:80
Na Bhulaii Deu Played:108
Najik Hunda Played:100
Nasha Lagyo Played:71
Nischal Chha Mero Played:124
Pahadko Laali Guras Played:64
Samaya ko Daud Ma Played:64
Samjhi Samjhi Played:68
Subhakamana Played:775
Sukha Ke Ho Dukha Ke Ho Played:55
Ti Gajalu Ankhabhitra Played:96
Timilai Dekda Played:97
Timinai Chau Mero Akha Ma Played:74
Timro Samjhanama Played:179
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Artist Biography:



FROM ISSUE # 137 (May 2007) 
Born on 23 March, in Lazimpat, Kathmandu. Dad Mukunda Kishore Bhattarai is in the film industry since a long time. Mom died when he was seven years old. Has an elder sister.

Stayed in hostel during school days at Tribuvan Adharsha School and Martyrs' Memorial School. Was argumentative back then and would fight with girls. Was good at drawing and participated in many inter-school competitions but never won. SLC from Martyr's M School, ICom and BCom from Saraswati Multiple College.

Joined a band called Infernal in 1991 and did an album called Adhuro Sapana. "Though the album didn't do well in the market, people in my circle got to know that I sang well." In 1995, met Gopal Yonjan and with his son Ahimsa Yonjan's help sang Subhakaamana, his first big hit.

Got a scholarship to study three years of classical music at Gandarva Maha Vidyalay in Delhi through the Indian Embassy.

Secretly married Chanda Lama, his fan who had tattooed his name on her arm. "I was really surprised, the intimacy grew and in a year's time, we got married." Dad didn't mind the inter-caste marriage.

Has a 3-year-old son Den, ('Bhagwan ko den' in his own words)

Fan following "Recently a fan invited me and I went to meet her. She had brought a file which contained all the articles published about me (which I don't have myself) and all my pictures; I was really surprised but she didn't give it to me, she just showed it."

Likes shopping. Whenever abroad, does a lot of shopping and sometimes doesn't need to buy clothes for about 2-3 years. Not brand conscious, wears anything that's comfortable. Can't wear suits. Likes to wear cap and grow some beard so that people don't recognize him easily. Doesn't like sports shoes.

Loves dogs; has a dog called Brownie. 
Best food noodles; Best celeb friends Jems Pradhan, Sugam Pokharel, Saroj Dutta, and Sanjeev Singh.

Can't stay idle; "I either watch TV or compose songs."

Feared ghosts when young. "I would cover myself up in a blanket when anyone talked about it or watched horror movies" Now fears himself "because of my quick temperament."

Has never done any kind of jobs besides his involvement in music. Has sung more than 100 songs (three playback) and has visualized more than 20 songs.

Has a dream to make a non-commercial album, which would contain good music.  Currently working on an album with his compositions, targeted to be released in May. 

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