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Artist: Adrian Pradhan

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Songs from: Adrian Pradhan
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Aaja Played:1148
Aaja yo chati ma Played:2028
Chhahi Deu Played:647
Chhudaina Played:1931
Eklai Chhu Played:1325
GF Blues Played:1046
Hinda Hindai Played:1836
Jaadaichhu Played:996
Jaba Timi Played:690
Jindagi ma Played:531
Jindagi Ta Khelauna Ho Played:593
Jungi Nisan Played:1465
Kaash Mera Played:363
Khelau Played:831
Ma Timrai Hu Played:769
Madh Masta Played:687
Malai Khacho Chha Played:265
Maya Cha Ki Played:633
Maya Ko Pratibimba Played:426
Mutu Bhari Played:363
Mutu Bhari Bhari Played:1043
Nabhana Played:1063
Nepali Ho Played:915
No Where to Go Played:567
Pahilo Junima Played:1108
Parelima Played:1440
Pijada Ko Suga Played:677
Raat Ma Pani Played:193
Raat Ma Pani Played:463
Sakdina Played:577
Sambodhan Played:988
Sara Khusi Played:494
Shishir Jhain Ritto Played:403
Stand Up Played:377
Stand Up Played:280
Timi Malai Played:309
Tyo Ratko Played:632
Yesari Saanjh Played:308
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Artist Biography:

Wave ISSUE # 135 (March 2007)

Born and raised in: Kalimpong

First instrument you picked: Mouth organ and keyboards. Was in a school group choir at St. Augustine, Kalimpong (Class 1-4). Picked up the guitar in 1989 and then switched to drums in 1995.

First stage performance: In 1989, sang Deep Purple's rock anthem 'Smoke on the Water' onstage.
Switched to drums: Switched to drums after joining 1974 AD. First I played the percussions, the part which now Sanjay handles. Switched to Drums after the previous drum player left two days before a major gig. Then it was compulsion, but after all these years it's getting interesting as I am finding the 'groove'.   

Your first composition: Song Tyo Raat Ko from Samji Baschu. I composed it in 1998.

First Band: Eurika, after that Flames, both in Kalimpong. Flames was more famous than Eurika. We toured all over India and were featured in Sun magazine (The Indian edition).   

First gig: Did it with Eurika. It was a fundraising concert done for Dr. Grahams Homes (Blind School) Kalimpong, while still in class 10.  

First came to Kathmandu in: In 1994, when I was 24 years old. 
First job in Kathmandu: Little Angels' School. I taught English Language and gave Guitar lessons after school. Worked there for three years, before joining Galaxy Public school.

Current profession: Now a fulltime musician. Managing a solo career as well as singing  with 1974 AD. 

On going solo: To creatively express myself in other musical genre, like adhunik with western inspired sounds. Not to limit myself as an instrument player, but express myself more musically.

Countries you have been to while touring: With 1974 AD, we have toured Hong Kong, America, Australia, London, Germany (We released our latest album On Air there), Qatar and India.

Clothes brands you are loyal to: Not brand loyal, like to wear what's comfortable. But brands like Gap and Giordano catches his eye.  

Your favorite pastime: Watching TV and am a big movie buff. I likes Al Pacino, Robert de Niro, Brad Pitt, Eva Mendez and Cameron Diaz. The Godfather is my favorite movie.

Family: Wife and Son. Wife teaches in GBBS and son studies in St. Xavier's.  
On the song 'Sambodhan': Wrote for and dedicated to Mr. Chandra Ghirisng who passed away in 2000. He had taught me the basics of music while in St. Augustine's choir. Sung and filmed as tribute to late king Birendra Shah after the Royal Palace tragedy.  
anisa12:25:00 AM Monday, 04 January 2010
hi adrian you r so fabulas, aasome, good song ,

hi adrin you r so preety, fabulas song,good voice

bishnumani06:02:57 AM Sunday, 06 October 2013
dear adrin, tapai ko swar ko ma hamesa kadar garchu, ajai dherai-dherai mitho mitho geet haru gaudai garnu hola. dhanyabad

Anonymous07:08:27 AM Friday, 01 August 2014
sir im razeev tamang from darjeeling and im big fan of you, .....

Anonymous07:08:28 AM Friday, 01 August 2014
sir im razeev tamang from darjeeling and im big fan of you, .....

Arun Rai10:21:52 AM Saturday, 23 August 2014
Dai adrin, tapai ko swor lai kunai upama deena sakdena, tapaiko swarma sworgik anand pawnay garchu, dhanaybad sathai subha kamana

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