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Artist: Abhaya Subba

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Aayeko Chhu Played:511
Antim Patra Played:321
Here I come Played:307
I Would Do Anything Played:280
Kasai Kasai Le Played:207
Khusi Played:284
Kina Runu Played:278
Koseli Played:179
Ranga Played:167
Sadhai Sadhai Played:311
Sakdina Aba Ma Played:369
Sapana Ra Kartavya Played:259
Sunyeta ko pal Played:320
test Played:107
Timro Laagi Played:587
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Artist Biography:

Abhaya Subba Weise

Everything you wanted to know about her but didn’t know who to ask.


FROM ISSUE # 156 (December 2008) | IN THIS ISSUE

Always energetic and happy-go-lucky, Abhaya was born on 11 June and likes calling herself the vampire.

Born to be wild and is wild at heart, a rebel, mischievous and concludes what one has seen of her is just the tip of the ice berg! Does stupid things all the time and is impulsive.

Her first musical act was with a US band. She also sang with Parikrama from '93 to '95.

Worked as a RJ in Times FM in Delhi and Hits FM. Later joined Kantipur FM and also worked as a producer with Image Channel.

Is embarrassed of the time when she alongwith her band, was performing in Dharan for the first time which made them think they had made it big but the organisers fled. They didn't have enough money to pay to the hotel and the hotel wouldn't let them leave. But cherishes the moment when they were treated like rock stars!

Her most unforgettable moment was when she gave birth to Raydn, her son.

Met her husband Kai at her sister's wedding party. He was a cousin's friend and when she sang, he took her voice back with him. They met later and the love story begun!

A fabulous chili con carne cook, Abhaya cooks very rarely and only when she has to. Her son loves the pasta she makes.

Though not a gadget freak, her latest gadget is a netbook from Advent which her husband Kai brought for her from London.

She thinks Music Awards in Nepal are like Khel kheladi ko, paisa madari ko. She questions, "Do you remember who won the record of the year last year? No? That's awards. Do you remember a fantastic song from last year? Yes? That's what really matters!"

Lastly, she says she doesn't have a music style but lets music style her.

Fan mail: bacchus_21[at]yahoo.com


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