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Artist: Narayan Gopal

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Songs from: Narayan Gopal
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Song Singer Music By Lyrics By Genre Album/
Band Lyrics/
Yeti Dherai Maya Diee Played:898
Mero Geet Ma Played:492
Timilai Bhulda Played:768
Sara Din Aarulai Played:685
Kehi Mitho Baat Gara Played:1142
Aankhai ma Kasaiko Played:1023
Sangaala Ghumto Haru Played:655
Chori Ko Janma Played:640
Luku Luku Lagyo Malai Played:1835
Sawan Ko Jhari Bani Played:851
Chinari Hamro Played:813
He Kanchi Nani Played:963
Gunjama Gunjiyo Played:658
Mera Sabai Raat Aba Played:725
Biteka Kurale Played:854
Mohani Laagla Hai Played:1829
Timile Pani Ma Jastai Played:815
Timi Dekhda Played:682
Sablai Rijhaun Bhanda Played:533
Yo Mausam Yo Hariyali Played:470
Duita Phool Deuralima Played:815
Mero Behoshi Aaja Played:917
Malai Jindagi Yo Lagadach Played:796
Mandir Ma Chha Ki Played:849
Kasari Ma Bhule Played:791
Birata Ko Chino Played:1614
Mero Geet Ma Ubheko Played:714
Sadhain Nai Ma Hasen Played:596
Jeevan Ko Harek Modma Played:1117
Timilai Ma Ke Bhanu Played:680
Piuda Piudai Jindagi Played:640
Madhumas Ma Yo Dil Played:575
Mero Sano Sansar Played:643
Parkhi Base Aaula Bhani Played:1392
Lau Suna Ma Bhanchu Played:1516
Maanche Ko Maya Played:799
Kehi Chotle Gyani Hunchu Played:806
Ma Ta Lali Guras Bhayechu Played:1234
Euta Manche Ko New Version Played:818
Manche ko maya yaha Played:1057
Yo Kasto Byatha Ho Played:475
Yesai Gari Bitai Dinchu Played:872
Ke Har Khai Ayewu Played:581
Shikhar Bhane Kahan Played:489
Timile Bhaneka Played:1180
Maya Ta Maya Ho Played:1537
Aja Bholi Played:1132
Malai Chhodi Mero Chaya Played:804
Ma Kasari Bhanoo Played:803
Himal Sari Played:1335
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Artist Biography:
Narayan Gopal - No radio ends its daily programming without a song by Narayan Gopal. He is the "Sor Samrat" in Nepali, meaning "the King of vocal" / "The King of Singers". Narayan Gopal earned many awards including Radio Nepal's Sarbottam Awards, Ratna Recording Award, Lions Awards and Jagadamba Award. His songs have heart-touching lyrics like the one "Jharay ko pat jai bhayo.. Ujhad Mero Jindaki.." meaning "Like a dead leaf fallen from a tree, deserted my life like the leaf", a typical song for someone who is dumped by his girl friend! and equally the song for lovers and dancers the "Mohani Laglahi Gaulayko Bolilay" from the motion picture "Chino". Mr. Gopal's favorite song writer was Kali Prasad Rijal. Think of a tragic and sad songs of a broken-heart or think about the most famous Nepali singer of all time, That's him who left this earth a while back but never the hearts of Nepalese!
Prakash Shrestha12:49:25 AM Sunday, 21 February 2010
what Great a great singer we are missing you always...

Anonymous01:18:18 AM Sunday, 09 May 2010
I've been listening to his songs since I was a kid as my dad used to play it all the time, and his songs have pretty much etched their own niche in my brain. They are almost like a part of my DNA encoding sweetness and calmness at any occassion.

John12:35:24 AM Wednesday, 30 October 2013
East or west Narayan Gopal is the best.

Badri Bhattarai07:37:14 PM Thursday, 06 February 2014
Seriously yaar, no one in this universe will be able to take your position in any occasion. You were best, you are are best, and you will remain best forever. Whenever I feel bored, I come to listen his all song in here(, and finally I achieve peace from within. I have never experience a god but I definately can say that you are my visible god(in the voice). Narayan Gopal Ji, you are the king of kings in classic music section. And everyone has to salute you for leaving those unforgottable memmories on nepali music.

melody lover11:38:10 AM Tuesday, 10 June 2014
geet gaaye gaayak hit huncha, sangeet raamro bhaye pani gaayek nai, tara swor meetho bhayera ke garnu , jaba samma shabda ra laya ko sammishran sahi hundaina tyo geet memorable hundaina no doubt tapaai ko prayaas good chha but its incomplete yeslai better n best banaunus sabai song ko lyricist n musician pani mention gari dinus

गौतम कटुवाल06:18:00 AM Tuesday, 29 July 2014
तपाईको गीत ले सारा संसार लाई मुग्ध बनाको छ !

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