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Artist: Ranjeet Gajmer

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Songs from: Ranjeet Gajmer
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Aamaile Bhanthe Dhaara Ko Pani Played:1938
Bhooli Gaye Samjhana Lai Kusume Rumal Played:1552
Darjeeling Ko Sanu Rail Played:774
Dui Paate Suiro Played:1535
Chiya Barima Played:1023
Batasale Udai Lyayo Played:1878
Yo Pahad Yo Chiteez Played:1621
Jhajhalko Liyera Ayecha Sawan Played:1593
Sawane Jharima Tyo Gaun Played:1148
Basa Hai Ama Sad Played:688
Mir Mire Sanjha Ma Simsime Paani Played:3383
Kaichimar Sari Satan Ko Pari Played:863
Lahana Le Jurayo Ki Played:737
Kun Mandir Ma Played:3401
Ukali Ko Played:1057
Sapana Bhai Played:823
Lahana Le Jurayo Ki Played:1919
Birata Ko Chino Played:2368
Janmera Kokhama Played:1788
Naya Naya Sajau Hai Sansar Played:1492
Baisalu Manle Rojeko Played:2107
Pirati Aafai Played:1495
Lahana Le Jurayo Ki Played:1532
Pasina Ko Jalai Le Played:1307
Mohani Laagla Hai Played:3028
Himal Jalera Played:1776
Yo Mutulai Played:1684
Tungna Ko Dhunma Played:539
Suna Bhanana Played:2255
Reli Khola Bagara Played:980
Naya Naya Lagdacha Played:1350
Timi Nabhaye Played:1780
Timi Mero Ma Timro Played:948
Lukeko Manma Timro Played:1329
Maya Ko Barima Played:2006
Dharako Pani Played:2350
Jati Nirmal Jati Chokho Played:2181
Ukalima Played:1410
Diyo Baali Played:1303
Pahada ko Mathi Mathi Played:2274
Timi Kaha Harayou Played:899
Isharale Bolaunu Pardaina Played:1499
Chalki Rahecha Played:610
Ko Hola Mero Mayalu Played:1273
Jhuotho Aash Pheri Lagyo Played:1229
Ke Soche Maile Played:1208
Maya Ta Maya Ho Played:2326
Aba Yo Bato Played:1164
Gahiro Gahiro Played:1859
Adhar Ma Aaja Unkai Cha Geet Played:1207
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Artist Biography:
No information found.
mahabir bishwakarma07:06:20 PM Wednesday, 03 March 2010
biography pani submitte garnu paryo hai...

Santosh07:12:20 PM Saturday, 12 June 2010
Though his wife used to create such a bad concoction of lyrics, Ranjit had the ability to hide it with his music so melodiously, it made them immortal.

NA09:04:26 PM Wednesday, 23 June 2010
No one has become as successful as Ranjeet. He is legend. If someone has his Bio

subash06:14:33 AM Tuesday, 22 October 2013
nice songs and nice sign

kishor01:44:17 AM Monday, 07 April 2014
Melody ma RD Burman ko sangeet ko chap rmaro sanga gunjeenchha Ranjit dai ko sangeet ma. SaranRanjeet to bhanda ramro composition chha. Even Saran dai aafai ma ramro sangeetkar ho.

Suresh06:41:58 AM Thursday, 04 September 2014
Yes! as some one has truely comment he is the legend it is 100% agreeable. The thought of his nepali music is incrediable the taste of it, even the grate artist from India has sung his songs, but suddenly there is no hearing of his wereabouts, it has mark the quetions for his fans around the world.

Anonymous06:43:47 PM Thursday, 12 March 2015

Anonymous06:48:31 PM Thursday, 12 March 2015

Anonymous06:50:16 PM Thursday, 12 March 2015

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