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Chaita Mas Khaderile Played:537
Chandi Ko Bhitta Sun ko Chano Played:432
Gairi Khet Ko Played:1086
Hoye Hoye Goria Played:821
Na Mero Gharai Cha Played:602
Syau Jhain Gala Played:487
Udun Udun Jasto Lagcha Played:836
Yesto Pani Hudo Raicha Played:3037
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Artist Biography:

Yadav Kharel composes old age psychology
21 May 2009-Thursday -

-Latshering Glan

One of the most respected senior directors of celluloid business, Yadav Kharel has initiated a musical project which is first of its kind in his decades of experience. The director of the historical films like Prem Pinda, Adikavi Bhanubhakta Acharya and other mega tele-serials has penned down lyrical composition for a music album with a different subject matter i.e. old age psychology.

We have songs mostly based on love, affection, infatuation, tragedy etc but not anything on old age. Yadav Kharel has now written on psychology, feelings, thinking of old age; it has been expressed through the experience of an old man or woman that ranges from pain, happiness, intuition and déjà-vu. Raju Singh will be composing the music for the album which will be sung by artists like Jagdish Samal, Deepak Kharel, Ram Krishna Dhakal and others. Besides, he has other 2 projects and are in scoring control under Biju Bajra and Satya Swaroop coming with artists like Dharmendra Sewan, Hemanta Rana, Adrian Pradhan, Sugam Pokhrel and others thorugh singing support. 

Here we few lines from his composition:

"Yeuta manche chatpataucha,
chudidaina maachhi jaal,
kahali laagdo hudo rahecha maanis ko budheskaal"

"Pakha lie ganne garthe pahile pahile bhanne garthe,
kura sunnu budha ko
aago taapnu muda ko"



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