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Artist: Arun Thapa

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Songs from: Arun Thapa
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Band Lyrics/
Aakha Ko Need Khoshilinae Played:1756
Aru Sanga Najokha Malai Played:1283
Arun Thapa's Last Interview Played:836
Bhooleka Katha Played:1409
Bhulu Bhulu Lagyo Malai Played:1436
Chot Ke Beytha Ke Ho Played:1373
Dosh Kasailai Played:1004
Gharma Cheli Played:805
Jati Maya Laye Pani Played:1386
Jindagi Ka Yatra Haru Played:862
Jindagi Ke Cha Ra Played:786
Karma Bhumiko Played:1039
Lagna Thalyo Jeevanma Played:705
Ma Roye Pani Played:1102
Mero Geet Sabai Played:909
Napokhine Najokhine Played:635
Ritu Haruma Played:1326
Saajha Ko Joon Sangai Played:975
Timi Herchau Bhane Played:679
Yo Manko Ke Bhar Huncha Played:703
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Artist Biography:
No information found.
Tulachan02:35:15 PM Tuesday, 03 November 2009
I am so shocked .............so famous artist but cannot read his biography...He is one of the best singer .It is really pity. Hope to read his life history.

Nepali 10:26:37 AM Monday, 04 January 2010
Thanks for this supporting nepali great Singer Mr Arun Thapa Magar....i am the one of his fan that always respect his voice ,feelings ..n singing style...if u hav more information about him n his songs plez ...put all the songs in youtube ...thanks u very much .....keep on

Raj Dongol01:19:36 PM Wednesday, 12 May 2010
Om Bikram Bista composed the music of this song.

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