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Artist: Nima Rumba

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Songs from: Nima Rumba
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Song Singer Music By Lyrics By Genre Album/
Band Lyrics/
A Kanchi Played:924
Aafnai Des Pyaro Played:380
Aau Aau Na Played:547
Aau Na Mero Jeevan Ma Played:328
Aaudaichu Timro Sahar Ma Played:268
Aauna Sangai Nachau Played:282
Anjan Priyasi Played:258
Bachna Garo Played:222
Block Heel Shoes Played:330
Chaina Birseko Played:269
Dance Party Played:220
Danda Pari Played:217
Din Ho Ya Raat Played:166
Ek Phera Played:542
Eklo Thiyo Played:168
Euti Pari Chha Played:175
Happy Birthday Played:235
Harpal Kohi Played:324
Herna Aau Played:1824
Huri Batas Played:334
Jaado Jaado Played:180
Jeevan Ko Gadi Played:164
Jivan Bigaryo Played:152
Juneli Raat Ma Played:515
Maya Maya Played:277
Meri Mayalu Played:194
Meri Priyesi Played:228
Miss Catwalk Played:220
Pagal Premi Played:168
Preeti Basyo Played:234
Ramailo yo Saajh Ma Played:135
Saanja Ma Pani Played:214
Sajha ko Jet Plane Ma Played:147
Samjhera Ti Din Haru Played:165
Samjhera Timi Played:87
Shanjama Played:101
Sraap Paye Played:74
Subarnapur Played:110
Sunaulo Samjhana Played:136
Sundar Played:79
Timilai Ankhama Sajauchhu Played:171
Timro Yaadley Played:89
To Say Good Bye Played:80
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Artist Biography:

Nima Rumba

Everything you wanted to know about this pop icon

FROM ISSUE # 124 (April 2006) | IN THIS ISSUE

Birth name Nima Chhiring Rumba (Tamang). Birthday 26 May, year is not really important. Born in Subarnapur, Birgunj

Family Father, mother, elder brother Pasang and younger brother Karma (both married and have children). Karma is also a singer and released his debut album in 2005. Shelly, my wife, and I have two sons: Samuel Rumba and Norvin Rumba (Norvin was born on 30 Jan 2006).

Education SLC from Shree Geeta Maata High School, Swayambhu; ICom from Patan Multiple Campus. Joined Lalitkala Campus with music as a major but left after two months. BCom from Kathmandu Multiple Campus.

First album I bought JJ Cale's Special Edition. First song I performed on stage Musumusu Hasideu Na Lai Lai and Kaha Timro Mayalulai by the Himalayan Band. First song recorded Aideu Timi for the collection Talent First in 1992. Back then I was in a band called Peace. Before that, I was in another band called The Bass in 1991, both times as a vocalist. First music video Miss Catwalk (also the first ever music video to be aired by Image Channel).

Stuff most people don't know about me I learnt the basics of thang-ka painting helping my father. I used to sing in Dabali restaurant in New Road (English, Nepali and Hindi cover songs) before I released my first album.

Toothpaste I use Colgate. Shampoo Head&Shoulders. Restaurant I like Nanglo's. Brand loyalty Levis, CK, Zara, H&M, Gap. Watches I wear Guess, Lloyd, Aldo. Best video game Antz, FIFA 2005. My mobile Sony Ericsson. Sunglasses from Vogue. I always carry my mobile, sunglasses, chapstick, necklace, and beads.

Besides music I worked in Food and Beverages (I did bartending for four years in Hong Kong). Instruments I play Guitar, drums and flute; but I love playing bass guitar.

Albums released Suna Suna (1994), Memories (1996), Huri Batas (2000), Lolita (2002), Faith (2004), Pride (2006, to be released soon). Besides music I love acting. Dance steps I can do Hip-Hop, twist and disco.

Brand ambassador for Yamaha Enticer, Shakalaka Boom, Team Samsung and New Look Men's Shaving Cream. Magazines I read WAVE, Rolling Stones, GQ, Boss and Vow. TV shows I watch The Oprah Show, Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno, Seinfeld, Friends, The Drew Carey Show, Jerry Springer, MTV, Trace, and Vh1. I don't like reality shows. Favourite flicks The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The English Patient, Gladiator, Snatch, Full Monty, Trainspotting. Actress I'd go on a date with Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Pfeiffer. If not a singer I would have been an actor or an artist (probably thangka).

Source: http://www.wavemag.com.np/issue/article379.html
crystal07:26:27 PM Wednesday, 15 February 2017

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