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Artist: Rajesh Payal Rai

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Songs from: Rajesh Payal Rai
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Song Singer Music By Lyrics By Genre Album/
Band Lyrics/
Dulna Mann Lagchha Played:954
Jasko Hunchha Hajar Bajar Played:536
Jati Gungunauthe Played:476
Khas Ta Kehi Chaina Played:439
Khoji Rahanthyo Yo Aakha Le Played:403
Kusume Rumal Dohori Played:504
Malai Pani Aangrejima Played:509
Maya Timi Chhodi Janelai Played:376
Mero Aankhama Played:321
Naujale Mayale Played:337
Nisthuri Lai Maya Gari Played:897
Nisthuri Mayale Ruwayo Played:461
Pardesi Pardesi Played:427
Phoolyo Ban Chiuri Played:337
Sagar Sari Chokho Maya Timilai Played:3260
Sang Sanggai Hidna Played:322
Sirai Phul Played:332
Timi Jasti Subash Played:349
Udharo Yo Jeendagi Played:238
Yee Aakha Played:214
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Artist Biography:
A young singer Rajesh Payal Rai has earned a distinct identity as a singer of Melodious songs.

As 'Payal' (Rai's affectionate name during his childhood) played in the villages and woods in the hills of Buipa, a remote village of Khotan district, he had little idea that one day he would become a prominent singer of the country in such a yong age. As a son of a soldier, he was also incflunced to join the British Armed Forces. However, he had an avid interest and thirst to sing, which he fulfilled by singing folkeres and limited modern songs aired from Radio Nepal, in his villages.

Rai: Yong achiever

Probably, destined to be a singer, he was praised for his melodious voice and encouraged to contine singing. He took a voice test from the Radio Nepal at the tender age of 13. To his surprise, he passed the voice test a his very first attempt and when he was just studying grade eight.

This event added confidence to Rai and how he would think to taking up music as a profession. He recorded 'Failiyo Maya Dubo Sari' in 1992, after he came to Kathmandu on completion of his high school. The instant popularity it gained among the Nepalese audience raised him to new heights, He never had to look back ever since.

Instantly, he was requested to record new songs and perform live on stage programs. Offers of foreign trips for musical programs started flooding him.

Anonymous09:27:06 AM Friday, 11 April 2014
K ho rajesh payal dai

Anonymous09:27:07 AM Friday, 11 April 2014
K ho rajesh payal dai

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