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Artist: Sugam Pokharel

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Songs from: Sugam Pokharel
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Band Lyrics/
Aaja Played:1913
Aaja Pheri Feat. Sugam Played:1688
Bhamara Phool Ko Rashaima Played:1395
Bhanekai Played:1401
Biteko Yaad Played:1044
Eauta Mancche Played:1249
Ekantama Timilai Played:1089
Hanso Played:951
Jaba Din Dhaldai Jaanchha Played:1116
Janma Played:839
Kasam Played:749
Kati Din Played:1169
Ke Galti Played:753
Ke Yehi Prem Ho Played:936
Laagchha Malai Played:874
Maan Ko Dailo Played:828
Malai Thaha Chaina Played:758
Manis Sanga Manis Played:1164
Mann Ko Dailo Played:586
Maya Yo Played:587
Mayako Bato Played:731
Mero Mann Played:805
Mero Sansar Played:606
Mitho Hansho Played:658
Mitho Haso Played:592
Pal Played:490
Panchhi Played:469
Pheri Tyo Din Played:752
Saathi Played:581
Sacheko Maya Played:563
Samhaalincha Kahile Played:891
Samjhana Ma Played:774
Sancheko Maya Played:452
Satya Rahechha Played:412
Saya Janma Played:523
Sayad Played:594
School Pathshala Played:684
Tadha Played:530
Timi Jitna Played:736
Timi Kun Played:460
Timi Ma Bhanda Played:835
Timi Nabhaye Played:525
Timilai Played:367
Timile Saath Played:358
Udi Jane Played:445
Yasari Played:413
Yeu Ta Manche Played:364
Yo Pal Played:357
Yo Sanjha Played:587
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sheela12:33:51 AM Monday, 04 January 2010
hi sugam k 6 hal khabar aahile k gardai ani naya albam kahile
niskincha ?

pabitra bubaicha11:56:10 PM Tuesday, 08 July 2014
hye sugam bro good mrng !what are u doing now ?ma tapai ko big fan ho .god bless you...............

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