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Artist: Swaroop Raj Acharya

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Songs from: Swaroop Raj Acharya
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Band Lyrics/
Aadhi Saari Timro Maya Played:1653
Bhana Timro Mann Ma Played:1263
Bolda Pani Played:902
Hajar Aankha Played:773
Jaha chan Buddha Played:2324
Jahan Chan Buddhaka Ankha Played:576
Jeewan Bhanu Played:575
Kahile Samma Played:660
Kaile Samma Played:619
Kandha Played:450
Kina Achel Played:439
Maile Aankha Ko Played:371
Maya Meri Played:423
Moun Timro Adhar Played:856
Mutu Jali Rahecha Played:464
Priye Timro Played:467
Saanjh Cha Ekanta Cha Played:672
Samaya Ko Khola Zindagi Played:580
Samaya Ko Khola Zindagi Played:504
Sayad Played:1171
Shanti Lukau Kahan Played:2471
Timi Aauna Played:549
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Apee Himalaya Chand09:31:50 AM Tuesday, 09 February 2010
I luv ur song, mostly "Meri Pyari Basnti" of movie "Basanti"
so c"d you plz send me the song to my Id. I request please.

divya02:44:27 PM Monday, 21 June 2010
What a magic voice .Iam really proud of u I love ur song,Ilike mostly "bal garara tyo mon ".

kala bhattarai11:27:39 AM Wednesday, 23 June 2010
Hi what a sweet voice i like mostly mayla ma ama tyagara rojako plz send me the song to my id plz iam great fan ok

Anonymous04:29:35 AM Monday, 09 December 2013
malai hajur song haru dherri mon parxa

dhanu 06:34:11 AM Thursday, 09 January 2014
I love ur all songs i like ur voice sir
' audina kada banera timro jiwan ko dobato ma'

gokul karna01:43:50 AM Tuesday, 03 February 2015
coul u plz upload the song"U sahid bhayer baachyo.."

Ramkrishna Ghalan(Lama saNtosh)08:27:04 PM Saturday, 21 March 2015
M lai tapaiko balgarer vanne songs atti nai man....l lv u so much...:)

Anonymous03:17:07 PM Wednesday, 24 June 2015
could you plz upload the song Ek muththhi matra baaki chha saas bachauli timi bhanera aaye........

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