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Artist: Bidhan Shrestha

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Songs from: Bidhan Shrestha
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Aja Nachhe Played:594
Gyan Bahadur Ko Choro Played:394
Jatra Played:315
Kanchiko Allare Joban Played:434
Macchi Marna Jauna Played:171
Soltini Bhani Bolako Played:483
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Artist Biography:
Bidhan Shrestha

Wave ISSUE # 56 (August 2000)
Bidhan Shrestha is a singer in his own category. At first glance you wouldn't think much of this guy. He talks soft, slow and less. He is a regular guy. But he is far from ordinary when it comes to music. His songs speak in a tone unique to his own; the words in his songs do not have much similarity with that of other singers of his genre.

Most people noticed the striking uniqueness of this young talent with the release of the music video of Gyan Bahadur Chhoro, in which he sings about patriotism in a story form. But more than the lyrics and the music, it's the nature of his voice that is so unique. His vocal tone and delivery is so unlike any of the singers we have so far.

Bidhan was born and brought up in Inaruwa Sunsari, in a musical environment. His father, Bijay Shrestha is a veteran writer and composer who made such wonderful songs like Ma Patthar ko Devata Hoina and Sailibri Chiyabarima. His mother was a singer too and used to do stage shows. His elder sister also did some singing. Now his younger brother is also following his path. So, it's a whole family of music minded people.

Bidhan did his schooling in Inaruwa, but never went to college. "I wanted to do music," he gives you the reason for not pursuing his studies. So, he got himself educated in music – he trained in vocals for about five years with Ambar Gurung, and in classical guitar with Bimal Rai. The music video of his song Jalan Chhatiko received good response from the viewers, which inspired to do more. Then he came out with his second single Buhari Jhar.

His first album was not marketed properly by its producers, only a few hundred copies of the tape actually ended up in the music stores. The second album Best of Bidhan was released around 2054. After that came Purano Mayalai, which includes his hit numbers like Soalteeni and Gyan Bahadur Chhoro. His recent one is Jatra Hadi Gaaunma, which was released by Indreni Cassette Centre couple of months back. Best of Bidhan, a CD album including his previous hit songs is also in the pipe line.

25-year-old Bidhan does a bit of painting in water-color whenever he has time from his singing. That habit too came from his father. Right now, he does not have any specific plan for the immediate future but says he would like to do a country wide tour after a while, "when I have at least 15 or 20 hits."

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