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Artist: Karna Das

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Songs from: Karna Das
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Song Singer Music By Lyrics By Genre Album/
Band Lyrics/
Adha Sapana Played:1525
Aja Bholee Played:770
Anautho Bethaa Played:3097
Antim Aash Played:2583
Banda Kati Banda Played:560
Berthai Pheri Played:2762
Bhetiyera Chootinoo Bhanda Played:1380
Bistarai Chhayo Played:1110
Dhumga Phorna Played:1130
Eklo Rat Played:1105
Hamro Prem Ko Katha Played:662
Jaba Hohi Played:867
Janmida Ekalai Played:790
Jeevan Eeuta Played:455
Jibandekhi Played:1613
Jindagiko Ke Bharaosa Played:806
Kasto Lagcha Hola Played:2121
Kati Bibas Chha Played:495
Ke Cha Ke Cha Played:330
Kehi Paal Played:306
Khan Jandaichhau Played:662
Lahurelai Played:380
Man Manai Played:883
Nachideu Maya Played:381
Pahilo Maya Played:296
Papee Raichha Played:2037
Phool Jhareko Played:2740
Purano Dhunga Played:883
Sahanchhan Sabaile Played:249
Sochada Sochdai Played:587
Sunko Sirbandi Played:291
Thula Thula Mahal Played:651
Timro Mero Sambandha Played:969
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Artist Biography:
Karna Das is an outstanding singer of the Nepali Aadhunik genre.He not only sings extremely well, but also with ease and naturalness that others cannot quite match and is really an owner of the velvet voice among the singers of this genre in Nepal.Karna Das maintains the high standards in his albums with the delightful arrangements and instrumentation .His words generally speak sadness and its the sadness that is the major identity of Karna Das' songs. But its not so fare also to say that his songs only reflect sorrow , however its better to say they reflect sentiments. His songs really revive the soul and tune the heart to sentiments
Karna Das08:22:50 AM Monday, 21 October 2013
Hi Nepali collection,
The song DHUNGA FORNA & KAHA JADAI CHAU TIMI both song written by my self. Please correct your mistake, for your information Sarubhakta is great writer but I never get chance to sing his song. Thank you so much as soon as possible correct your mistake.
Karna Das.

Krishna03:43:39 PM Thursday, 01 May 2014
Hi, plz plz plz can you provide "heru Kati ma" of berthai feri album

paldhoj tamang08:59:42 PM Thursday, 11 September 2014
hay u r my one of the bst

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