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Artist: Sabin Rai

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Songs from: Sabin Rai
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Song Singer Music By Lyrics By Genre Album/
Band Lyrics/
Aafno Katha Played:761
Aaie Deau Played:505
Ekai Askash Muni Played:448
Guransh Ko Fed (Remix) Played:435
Guransh Ko Fedmuni Played:562
Herna Aau Played:1102
Ishara Played:405
Kalo Kalo Raat Played:400
Karizma Maya Played:335
Kinaki Ma Maya Garchoo Played:322
Komal Tyo (Remix) Played:369
Komal Tyo Timro Played:424
Kripaya Played:251
Ma Sansar Jitne Played:382
Maya Jaalima Played:309
Mero Bani Played:319
Namuna Played:372
Panna Played:230
Samarpan Played:253
Samjhana Harulai Played:343
Timro Namm Timi Bina Played:243
Timro Saath Played:281
Yo Nepal Played:231
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Artist Biography:
Sabin Rai was born on February 5, 1974, in Dharan, eastern part of Nepal and has huge fan based in Nepal, India and the Nepalese diaspora abroad. He has been dubbed the Bryan Adams of Nepal due to his similar husky voice with the Canadian singer/songwriter. The song which catapulated him into overnight sensation is "Komal Tyo Timro".
Anonymous05:37:01 AM Wednesday, 05 May 2010
where r u? Sabinji nowadays

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