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Artist: Phiroj Syangden

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Songs from: Phiroj Syangden
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Song Singer Music By Lyrics By Genre Album/
Band Lyrics/
Aaja Bholi Played:2309
Aau Samhala Played:543
Banai Bhari Played:406
Bancha Ani Banchna Deu Played:1282
Baru Malai Played:319
Bhuli Deu Played:1256
Bhulidiyen Bhannu Played:366
Biteka Kurale Played:504
Changba Played:1505
Chari Played:1173
Chaubandi Choli Played:1645
Chhadainchha Played:909
Chitthi Ayena Played:1194
Deurali Bhanjyang Played:1056
Din Ta Jasari Played:267
Gumbama Batti Played:297
Gurans Fulyo Played:1318
Hijo Matra Played:1107
Jati Maya Played:1023
Kahile Kahile Played:806
Kati Kamzor (Deep Shrestha Cover) Played:450
Khelau Played:831
Mayalu Le Played:789
Mayalu Mayalu Played:538
Mayalule Played:558
Mero Ankhama Played:196
Mildaina Played:538
No Where To Go Played:425
Parelima Played:1440
Pathai Deu Played:429
Rato Ra Chandra Played:692
Sajha Ko Belama Played:576
Samjhi Baschhu Played:671
Sapana Played:170
Swargadapi Gariyashi Played:341
Tarkera Nahidana Played:128
Timi Ekaichin Played:179
Timi Lai Bolaunda Played:343
Timilai Piratile Played:547
Timro Mayale Played:398
Timro Sindoor Played:290
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Deven Rai05:29:02 AM Saturday, 13 March 2010
Yes Da,
U r the founding stone of 1974 ad,,.but sad to c it without u.Without u it is not 1974 ad rather its 0000 ad.
NY WAY U R DOING WELL.Keep rocking gorkhalis.Don't 4get our AFNUPAN(in fusion)..

deepak sthapit11:07:40 PM Wednesday, 07 April 2010

hi Phiroj dai...

how r u??

I was searching one of ur song "eklai muskauna deu..eklai ramauna deu". I love that song bt i found no where. Would you plz send me that song in my mail...plzzzzzzzzzzzz dai...

reetu11:22:58 AM Sunday, 17 November 2013
hello phiroj dae ..i really dnt knw if u wud b reading dis or nt..cz i knw u r a real bg person...so i wont beat around da boost...i m jst curious abt ur love lyf...plz dnt get me wrong...i've hrd all ur songs..n dey jst soothe mah mind n heart...i somehow feel dat its all abt ur love n betrayal dat u faced in ur lyf which inspired u 2 create such heart touching songs...i feel dat ur love had lead u in despair which helped u create a melody....i dnt knw what it is...i may hav got it wrong ...nyways i want to say that ur voice is a milestone...it jst makes me unconditionally emotional n unconcious..jst love it..

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