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Band: 1974 AD

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Songs from: 1974 AD
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Band Lyrics/
Aaja Bholi Played:2309
Aaja yo chati ma Played:2028
Bancha Ani Banchna Deu Played:1282
Bhuli Deu Played:1256
Changba Played:1505
Chari Played:1173
Chaubandi Choli Played:1645
Chhadainchha Played:909
Chhudaina Played:1931
Chitthi Ayena Played:1194
Crossings Played:1041
Deurali Bhanjyang Played:1056
Eklai Chhu Played:1325
GF Blues Played:1046
Gurans Fulyo Played:1318
Hijo Matra Played:1107
Hinda Hindai Played:1836
Irish Coffee Played:905
Jaadaichhu Played:996
Jati Maya Played:1023
Jungi Nisan Played:1465
Kahile Kahile Played:806
Khelau Played:831
Ma Timrai Hu Played:769
Madh Masta Played:687
Maya Cha Ki Played:633
Mayalu Le Played:789
Mayalu Mayalu Played:538
Mayalule Played:558
Mildaina Played:538
Mutu Bhari Bhari Played:1043
Nepali Ho Played:915
No Where to Go Played:567
No Where To Go Played:425
Pahilo Junima Played:1108
Parelima Played:1440
Pathai Deu Played:429
Pijada Ko Suga Played:677
Raat Ma Pani Played:463
Rato Ra Chandra Played:692
Sajha Ko Belama Played:576
Sakdina Played:577
Sambodhan Played:988
Samjhi Baschhu Played:671
Stand Up Played:377
Stand Up Played:280
Swargadapi Gariyashi Played:341
Tandav Played:540
Timi Lai Bolaunda Played:343
Timilai Piratile Played:547
Timro Mayale Played:398
Tyo Ratko Played:632
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Band Info:
1974 AD are Nepalese rock band, formed in Kathmandu, Nepal in the early 1994s. They experiment with various genre of music including Nepali folk, Ragas, Rock, Funk, Blues and Jazz as well. 1974 AD are amongst the most successful recording artists in Nepal. Most of their albums are ranked among the top-ten best-selling albums according to the Hits FM of Nepal.

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