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Band: Albatros

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Songs from: Albatros
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Attitude Overdose Played:237
Awaaj Played:283
Freedom Look Good Played:168
Khase Ka Tara Played:436
Koshish Played:251
Sacred Played:132
Timi Bhane Played:347
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Band Info:
For regular concertgoers in Kathmandu, Albatross needs no introduction. Formed in the late 1990s, they are one of the most talented bands around. After breaking onto the scene in 1999 at the 25:99 Concert in GAA, no concert ever since has felt complete without them. In fact, things had gotten to the point where their name started being listed on concert flyers without their consent to attract a larger audience.
Plagued with ever-changing vocalists, Albatross had been inactive for almost two years. But when Sirish, one of their older singers was back on a break from the US, they swung into action and churned out what is an excellently composed album.

People familiar with the older Hell's Kitchen or Hi:Fly Albatross will definitely be surprised with the sound of their yet untitled new album. While Hi:Fly was an out and out hard rock/metal record, their latest material lies in modern rock territory—and that is exactly where the magic lies. After all, it was their modern rock covers that earned them fame.
Recorded at BMI studio, the five tracks on the album, most of which are in Nepali, were written and composed by Sirish. "He wrote the songs while we added the finishing touches," says Sunny, the guitarist. "We spent just three days rehearsing and then three days for the recording."

The sound is reminiscent of the mid-90s alternative rock while Sirish's vocals hint at Incubus-styling. Lyrically, the songs on the album touch various subjects like love 'Khaseka Tara', persistence 'Koshish' and a call to friends in the US to return home 'Timi Bhane'. 'Sacred', the only English track, is an acoustic song based on a tune that Sirish always plays when he picks up a guitar. Hard rocking or not, Albatross always prove that no matter what the style they'll still play it well.

People familiar with the band may remember that Albatross never released "Hi:Fly" in the market either and the same goes for "Abattoir", their death metal project with members of the now-defunct Nastik. Because their new album has only 5 tracks, initially it too almost shared the same fate. However, a newly established indi-lable, Hamro Records Ramro Records, has decided to release it with three bonus tracks from Hi:Fly.

Sirish - Vocals
Sunny - Guitars
Avaya - Bass
Dipesh - Drums

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