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Band: Abhaya & the Steam Injuns

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Songs from: Abhaya & the Steam Injuns
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Song Singer Music By Lyrics By Genre Album/
Band Lyrics/
Aayeko Chhu Played:511
Antim Patra Played:321
Here I come Played:307
I Would Do Anything Played:280
Kasai Kasai Le Played:207
Khusi Played:284
Kina Runu Played:278
Koseli Played:179
Ranga Played:167
Sadhai Sadhai Played:311
Sakdina Aba Ma Played:369
Sapana Ra Kartavya Played:259
Sunyeta ko pal Played:320
Timro Laagi Played:586
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Band Info:
The band began its musical quest on January 2nd, 2003 playing live gigs in hotels and lounge bars. It was essentially an acoustic blues band before it kicked off as a rock outfit. Lead singer Abhaya Subba Weise is the founder member of the band, while Rinchen Palzar who now plays the lead guitar joined the band in early 2004. Rajen Shrestha on the bass joined the band mid 2007 as also drummer Sanjit Tuladhar.

Abhaya had always been featured in well known bands such as Parikrama, Red Skywalkers and Punchtatva but what she had been seeking for was a band that would tilt towards her vision of making groundbreaking music. Their first self titled album, released in February 2005, was a runaway success and though the music was not exactly cutting edge the band managed to carve a niche for various reasons particularly given that they had a lady fronting the band who was having a marvelous time of it.

After much reshuffling of various band members it has come to pass that the current line has already released their second album in Nepal and soon to be released in Darjeeling Having met similarly inclined young musicians who are hungry to do more for the cause of Nepali music – Abhaya and the Steam Injuns are raring to blast off with their second album “NAYAN”.

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