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Genre: Lok Geet

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Songs from: Lok Geet
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Band Lyrics/
Jham jham Pani Paryo Played:739
Jindagiko Ke Bhar Played:363
Gurans Phulyo Played:403
Pakhlas Timilai Played:88
Tauko Khayo Played:123
Ma Sadhai Played:242
Lekali Ho Choya Ko Played:470
Dharan Ko Kancha Played:386
Aai Pugeu Relaima Played:410
Chiso Chiso Played:1062
Paani Khaanu Nihule Played:845
Chhana Chhana Paisa Played:153
Aalu Tama Played:678
Gym Khana Played:249
Ghintangma Ghintang Played:404
Ali Mathi Jau Played:384
Ithari Bajaramai Played:263
Choli Ramro Played:683
Dantai Ma Nani Played:399
Naibeni Relai Played:356
Laas Marga Played:265
Jhyana Pultang Played:186
Deurali Ukali Chadera Played:177
Gharbeti Nani Played:708
Sai Sai ra Sui Sui Played:213
Pahadma Basi Khelera Played:890
Kukhura Ko Siure Bhale Played:341
Nakkali Lai Bhagai Lagyo Played:190
Hiunchuli Ma Hiun Played:298
Soltini Played:231
Kalilo Maya Played:258
Meri Aama Played:561
Sarmai Risau Played:343
Haatma Churot Played:652
Nepalile Nepalikai Khanccha Mutu Played:253
Nisthuri Mayalu Played:298
Cham Chami Played:1258
Bhatkai Dinchu Played:239
Aa Bau Bhat Khana Played:409
Mai Mari Jaula Played:352
Sanghuri Baruli ho Played:1375
Ekchin Ko Played:378
Tunga Ra Damphu Played:262
Jhyau Jhyau Jhyaukiri Played:340
Aaja Madal Bajeko Kina Played:1061
Aakasaima Kalo Badal Played:629
Basmati Played:235
Dhankute Jyanko Played:222
Chhati Ma Mero Yo Choto Played:947
Maathi Maathi Shailunge Played:441
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