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Song Singer Music By Lyrics By Genre Album/
Band Lyrics/
Kalilo Tamalai Played:3194
Saya Thari Baaja Played:3175
Sangini Played:2781
Udaya Played:1129
Tandav Played:540
Maruni Played:414
Kauda Played:3001
Ghar Timro Played:3267
Mustang Played:1188
Stutee Played:1122
Phool Ko Thunga Played:3573
Rato Pachyauri Played:2937
Bhairavi Played:1351
A Fisherman's Song Played:1987
Teej Played:1072
Jungi Nisan Played:1465
Mermaid Song Played:512
Lekali Played:3104
Resham Firri Played:1281
Silu Played:1110
Umanga Played:542
Holi Song Played:3081
Tamang Selo Played:2784
Nakkali Lai Bhagai Played:3063
Bhailini Played:661
Sim Sime Panima Played:1262
Ratna Played:1105
Irish Coffee Played:905
Shiva Ratri Played:1071
Resham Firiri Played:3244
Tihar Played:1347
Lyase Mayju Played:1187
Rising Spring Played:443
Basanta Played:650
Basanta (Tala Kaharwa) Played:1343
Hyangu Sinha Played:3025
Tamangselo Played:1093
Ghar Beti Naani Played:553
Nayaki Kandhada Played:1145
Sur Sudha Played:1207
Mirmire Bhakama Played:3050
Ghansi Played:1219
Resham Firir Played:675
Raja Mati Played:1205
Hariyali Played:1172
Bada Dashain Played:1533
Banjo Khet Ma Played:3602
Crossings Played:1041
Mangal Dhoon Played:1502
Basanta Ritu Played:669
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