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Genre: Patriotic

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Songs from: Patriotic
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Baneko cha Pahara Le Played:8981
Bihana Uthna Bitikai Played:1550
Bihani Pakha Surya Played:7018
Bir Jawu Played:277
Chomoluma Shikhara Played:279
Chora Na Rou Played:251
Deshle Ragat Mange Played:2295
Dharti Ko Chati Ma Played:955
Dhartiko Chhati Played:171
Gauchha Geet Nepali Played:636
Herna Aau Played:1824
Jaha chan Buddha Played:2324
Jahan Chan Buddha Ka Original Played:3384
Janmiyeko Aagan Played:503
Jungi Nishan Hamro Played:698
Karma Bhumiko Played:1039
Katti Khoje Desh Played:425
Ke Har Khai Ayewu Played:1020
Kya Garum Played:470
Ma Mare Pani Played:696
Malai Ramro Lagchha Played:659
Manis Khoji Rahechhu Played:262
Mero Khukuri Ko Played:640
Mero Nepal Played:1261
Najawu Murkha Bhai Played:139
National Anthem Nhyoo's Version Played:371
Nepaliko Chatima Played:319
NRN Song Played:449
Panchhima Daanfe Played:212
Paschim Kohi Purba Played:702
Rato Ra Chandra Played:692
Saya Thari Baaja Played:663
Shanti Lukau Kahan Played:2472
Yahan Desh Ko Played:506
Yek Nepali Yetai Ayo Played:185
Yo Karma Bhumiko Played:619
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