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Genre: Gajal

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Songs from: Gajal
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Aaja Pheri Uhi Geet Sunna Played:716
Aawaj Nadeu Played:919
Akhiri Yo Chitti Played:800
Chhoee Rahyo Timro Played:314
Dashai Hai Ayo Tiharai Ayo Played:256
Dherai Pachi Played:737
Gajalu Ti Played:1507
Ke Chhara Played:1311
Kina Aaucha Yaad Timro Played:1031
Kina Kina Timro Tasbir Played:1391
Lolayeka Ti Played:1264
Ma Afanai Played:598
Ma Timro Sahar Chodi Taadha Played:851
Man Harayo Played:370
Mann Bhitra Kecha Played:404
Mero Gazal Played:546
Muharaka Hisi Ani Chaubandi Cholile Played:258
Muharako hisi ani chaubandi cholile Played:106
Na Birse Timilai Played:3591
Nabirse Timilai Played:270
Nahudama Eutai Pir Played:319
Nisthuri Lai Maya Gari Played:758
Reshamle Chopera Played:283
Sapana Bhulai Saara Played:577
Thahai Thiyena Dil Played:971
Timro Pani Mutu Bhaye Played:170
Yestai Yestai Nasocheko Played:196
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