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Mera Gitaharu Played:197
Mero Nid Bhari Played:78
Charea Pani Played:780
Gumbama Batti Played:297
Pal Played:490
Bhamara Phool Ko Rashaima Played:1395
Abhab Abhabai Bhayo Played:1377
Lakaima Played:504
Chhadainchha Played:909
Timi Jitna Played:736
Sungabha Ko Bhaisa Played:169
Ankhama Timilai Played:743
Jhyal Bata Herera Played:781
Maya Lu Le Played:71
Dhamilo Pani Played:102
Panna Played:375
Timi Nabhaye Played:525
Yo Mana Ma Played:157
Khahi Khaha Played:522
Shanti ko Dhwani Played:117
Chha Mero Maan Ma Played:302
Rajesh Hamal Played:32
Mahasus Gare Played:676
Mayalu Played:36
Laasharu Played:94
Prem Patra Played:552
Deuraliko Chautarima Played:221
Timilai Maya Played:74
Jivan Bigaryo Played:152
Maile Jani Sake Played:451
Sakin Played:364
Timi Jiskida Played:263
Nasha Bhitra Nasha Played:151
Machapuchre Pokhara Ko Shir Played:338
Pani Muni Played:340
Maya Ho Yo Nasha Played:91
Juneli Raat Ma Played:515
Bujhinau Kahilaie Manako Bhaka Played:280
Ukali Orali Chaddai Played:387
Aafnai Des Pyaro Played:380
Mayalu Mayalu Bhanera Played:247
Ek Din Ko Kura Ho Played:71
Dhumga Phorna Played:1652
Aaja Bholi Ke Bhayo Kunni Played:229
Aafnale Nai Ghat Garda Played:312
Sundar Played:79
Timro Namm Timi Bina Played:441
Timi Lai Bolaunda Played:343
Karizma Maya Played:525
Kasto Mohani Played:173
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