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Song Singer Music By Lyrics By Genre Album/
Band Lyrics/
Maila Bhai Played:255
Timi Played:154
Pari Played:313
Bhagya Mero Played:243
Chahthen Sath Timro Played:194
Stand Up Played:280
Dekhen Jaba Timilai Played:191
Sunyeta ko pal Played:320
Kalpana Played:313
Masquerade Played:143
Aakashai Ma Played:147
Khusi Played:284
Jaggy Girl Played:294
Ekantama Played:405
Himali Nepali Played:431
Stary Stary Night Played:209
Dalli Resham Played:744
Gazalu Gazalu Timro Played:19
Himali Played:339
Nachaheko Haina Played:843
Thaha Chaina Played:135
Stand Up Played:377
Maila Dai Played:121
Samhali Rakha Hai Played:196
No Where to Go Played:567
Dum Maro Dum Played:607
Koseli Played:179
Chari Bolyo Played:271
Haku Maincha Played:106
Timi Bina Played:209
Mayaly Eklai Chodera Played:338
Chaubandi Cholo Played:780
Mero Maya Played:231
Free World Played:269
Sa Na Na Played:219
All About Played:396
Prastaab Played:318
Sanskriti Played:268
Stoned Played:82
Sara Sansar Played:200
Jeunalai Garho Played:404
Patan Played:229
Jeewan Mero Played:322
Aaja Bholi Played:2309
Pagal Nabhana Played:297
Birata ko Chino Played:277
Dukkha Diyera Played:476
Maryoni Maryoni Played:364
Shantiko Sandesh Played:201
Sakdina Aba Ma Played:369
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